Why have we kept this game going for so long? You always wait until the very last minute to say something; to make your move. You know how fast my heart beats when you are around, but you didn’t want to do anything about it. You’ve had my attention all along, but just as I turn away for the last time, you want more time. Your hand grabbing my wrist contains enough heat to make me melt, but I need to be more aware of what you are doing. I have been strung along for so long now, telling myself that some day you would notice me. Just notice me, I’m right here. Time has allowed me to see a little closer at who you are and I am afraid you are not who I thought you were.

Perhaps we could have been friends, had I not let my heart get so involved. Perhaps if I didn’t act so foolish, I would’ve been strong enough for that. Even as I say goodbye I still blame myself when the truth is that it is all your fault. Please, take your hand from me and let me go. You never took the time to have me before so why would you feel any differently now? You are afraid that there will be one less woman who longs for you. You are afraid that I am the last one left; can’t you see I am already gone?