Am I fooling myself here? Have I fallen for a man’s words? Have his lies and deceits swooned me so I am a beautiful woman with so many things to offer, but I let myself fall naive, believing he sees beyond my curves, that he feels more than just my physical touch. For my life until now, I never fell for a man’s eyes; I never craved a man’s attention, but now, it seems to be my only purpose. I have degraded myself and became the woman I always despised; a woman who lives for a man, convincing herself that he is living for her too. I keep blinding myself, dumbing myself each time my lips touch his.

He loves me; I know it. Deep down I know that if it were true, I would not have to convince anyone else, let alone myself. So if there is even an ounce of me who believes it not to be true, why do I still try to make it a reality? Either he loves me or he doesn’t. I am playing myself a fool and I don’t know how to stop. Soon enough, I’ll believe all of my own lies along with his.