She is a beautiful girl aspiring to be the best woman she can be, but her heart of gold is so easily molded. She talks of the future and how she longs for a best friend, but just as how my search for a man goes, she desires the wrong people. She is fragile, but tries to hide her “handle with care” sign. She doesn’t want the world to know she is vulnerable, yet she doesn’t know what to do to better herself. So she plays the fool, desperate to make herself more likable. I want to help her, to be a rock she can lean on, but when all of my advice is thrown out the window for another girl who will so easily break her down, well, there is only so much I care to witness.

I have been there, once, by her side with ears wide open for her to tell me of the evil villain who only took advantage of their friendship, so I wonder how she could expect me to not feel insulted when she goes crawling back on her hands and knees back to her. No longer can I sit and be her shoulder to cry on because it is so disheartening to want to help someone who cannot even try to help themself. So I will do what is necessary to protect myself and my heart; I’ll need to appear the villain and I may turn vile in her eyes, but though she couldn’t take my advice, I can take it myself and leave this friendship behind before it poisons me to death.