I slowly inhale another hit from my cigarette as I drive the dark streets home. Another successful night, I think to myself. The best time to be out is when the rest of the world is sleeping. There is no one to slow me down on the roads and I could drive in the nude if I really wanted to, but I just spent the last few hours in my bare skin so there is something refreshing about putting back on my wool sweater and underwear. The weather has gotten much colder and with that, my heart much warmer. The alcohol does help with that, but so could hot cocoa. The thought of falling to sleep under the sheets with a man is an exciting thought, but honestly, there is nothing better than going home to a cold bedroom and hiding under blankets. Though the bed may be empty already, I always feel like curling up into a little ball to keep myself warm. There is something strange and lonely I like about that. A smile forms as I realize I am just around the corner from my house. I decide to spoil myself with a cup of hot cocoa and a delicious book before I climb under my mountain of blankets and finally I fall asleep as the rest of the world is waking up.