The day is young, some say, but when the day lingers on, why would that matter? This waiting game is a torturous one and I am convinced that no one is meant to win. We will tire of sitting and waiting for something that isn’t even guaranteed to happen. So what are we even doing here? Perhaps we will just wait for one another until something better comes along. Perhaps it won’t even be better, just something to fill the void we’ve created. I’d like to think that if I waited, it would be worth it, I just don’t know if I have the strength to. It is as though the gods up in heaven just wanted to tease us, showing us that we have found our counterparts, but it just isn’t the “right time.” Don’t they see how impatient mankind has become? I want to start my life with you now, but that isn’t what the stars have in store for us.

Life is not meant to be perfect, I understand, but it is not meant to be dull, either. I know that though we are bound to have more happy moments than not, our love will be a battle; a journey against the world. The world, however, doesn’t care to see how everything would turn out, instead, it keeps trying to separate us; to see if we will budge under pressure. I want to say that there is no way we will raise our white flags, but I don’t know that for sure and that realization alone is enough to break these hearts of ours.

So the real battle we face is not against the world, the gods, or fate; it is against ourselves. Can we find patience inside of ourselves to wait or will we allow each other to be easily replaced?