You’re so inappropriate, so vulgar, so disgusting. You treat your body as though it were the last piece of meat on this god forbidden earth. You look at me with those hungry eyes; you smile at me with your canines, sharp and ready to tear me apart. You have a buffet of women ready for you; waiting for you, but all you have eyes for is me. Your fingers trace alone the curves of my body, you are resisting clawing into my flesh and ripping me to pieces. You think you are so sly; you imagine yourself coming off as innocent and harmless, but you don’t have me fooled. Perhaps that is why you desire me. You have all these ladies ready to do whatever you ask, but here I am, a full feast who isn’t just another vulnerable little girl. You want what you can’t have and you want it now.

I want to give in and cave into my most animalistic desires. You want to tear me apart? I’ll do it first. I’ll leave my mark on every inch of your skin and no one will ever want to touch you again. But that won’t matter, will it? No, you will finally have your first dose of me and I know you will only want more. Do I want to give into this temptation? My fingers tracing along your bones is telling me yes, but there is just so much pleasure in seeing you squirm. You want to beg, but you don’t know how. Trying to resist undressing  is driving me crazy, my body always has a mind of its own.

There is almost nothing better than seeing you think you know how to play this game, when it is me who made up all of the rules. You think you’ve won once you slip off my dress, but boy, this game has just begun.