There is this bitter taste in my mouth that won’t fade away. Not with my morning coffee, not with a round of toothpaste, not with any medication I slip into my mouth. I guess I have held my breath for so long that all the nasty things I have wanted to say to you are stuck within my lips, I tried so hard to keep them to myself that now there is no way for them to escape. I’ll keep trying to dilute it, though, with more coffee, some alcohol, and the tongues of other men who will have me; but they will never have me, like you did, will they?

You’ve poisoned my skin, seeped your way into my blood, all the way to my soul. It is taking everything in me not to tear away at my skin, leaving nothing but bone. I want you gone, from my life and from my memories. But you are here, there, everywhere I could ever imagine and you refuse to move even an inch away from me. You used to suffocate me in the best way, with such passion that I couldn’t escape, but now your memory is like a cancer, growing faster each second, consuming all the good that is left with me.

There is this bitter taste in my mouth that won’t fade away. It’s seeping into my soul. I was once the sweetest girl, but you used me up and all that is left is this bitter woman. Every night when I face you, I think that perhaps I have a chance to let out all the vulgar things I have been wanting to say to you, but you find your way inside me again.