You are so predictable. You complain and complain about the negative parts of your relationship. The relationship which leaves you head over heels, makes you so happy you could die, yet so miserable you want to die just the same. She doesn’t care enough about you, she shows too much attention to other men, she says she loves you, but she seems to love the whole world. This on-again off-again relationship has made you so insecure, more so than you have ever been. You know that leaving her would be the best thing for both of you, but you can’t ever go through with the kill.

You want advice from me and everyone else you know. We all tell you the same thing, that if you’d be happier overall without her, then that is what you should be. Love should come easy, it shouldn’t break you down, it should never be ripping your heart out slowly, leaving you vulnerable. You used to be a man so admirable; after all, that is why she fell for you, right? She was irresistible to you and probably always will be, but you can’t handle the fact that other men feel exactly the same way. You convince yourself it means nothing and you are the one she desires to be with the most, but you have no idea what she does when you are gone away. To say a woman could be so heartless seems like blasphemy, so you continue to ignore all of us, all of the ones who actually care, and crawl so easily back into her arms. Her arms which cigarette smell and other men’s sweat lingers. She could be fucking another man right in front of you, but by the end of the day you would think you have enough reason to forgive her; to give her another chance.

You are so predictable for keeping up with this ridiculous routine. I am so predictable for still trying to open your eyes when it is so clear you are keeping them shut closed.