The heat is seeping into my pores. There are much fun ways to break a sweat, but here I am, just sitting here, breaking a sweat. I’d jump in the shower by myself, but there are more exciting moments to get undressed. I look at the clock, disappointed to see that not even ten minutes have passed. You won’t arrive until after dark and who knows if I will still have the energy then.

Perhaps you’ll find me sprawled across the bed; you can do to me as you please. Or maybe (just maybe) I’ll be skinny dipping in the poor, cooling down before the nighttime brings on a better, sweeter sweat. I’ve never been more anxious for the sun to set. The time wasted between now and once you are at my doorstep needs to hurry and be over with.

My skin continues to get hotter by the minute, stickier by the second. I move my hand across my body, eager to feel your hands feeling every inch of my skin. My imagination often gets the best of me, but I can’t even imagine what it will be like to lay in bed with you… or perhaps, stand i the shower, dip in the pool, or perhaps get every inch of my house covered, with you.

I may never let you leave, I must apologize in advance. We’ll both end this night feeling guilty, but what for? Our parents would be disappointed, sure, but I’m a big girl now and my body is yearning to be bad.

The sun is beginning to set. Slowly, but surely, the time is passing and I almost can’t contain my excitement for what the night is going to bring.


Excite me.