Don’t be mistaken.


Just because I have not been in love does not mean I do not know the feelings of love, passion, and longing. I know them; all too well. I do not love a man, no, I never have. I have always loved all men. No matter how hard I search, I will never meet a man who acquires all the things needed to keep me interested.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not an uptight, needy girl; I just know that this world has a lot to offer and I am not interested in settling down any time soon. Yesterday, I met an older man who lost his wife, his so-called love of his life, so I spent the day making sure he had a smile on his face. He needed to be reminded that all happiness is not gone, that there is more to life than love and loss. Today I met a boy, just eighteen, who wanted to spend every second drinking, forgetting how amazing the world can be, just the way it is. Who knows who will cross my path tomorrow- or even tonight.

I may someday want to settle down with just one man, but for now, I look forward to everyday being a surprise. Every day I meet the love of my life, whether we fight, cry, kiss, make love, or just converse all day long.

What have you done today?