I wish I could freeze time. Right now… right at this moment, even though everything may appear simple (we’re just lounging in the room, you with your novel to read, me with my notebook- God how perfect you look). The sun has begun to set and this room is filled with the perfect light falling on your beautiful body. If I could keep this moment frozen in time, I would be the richest person to walk this planet. I would never have to work another day, I could just sit and stare at this forever.

The sun insists on setting, so despite my resistance, the moment passes. My heart begins to sink-, but just a little because I remember  come tomorrow, I’ll have another chance to capture the moment at the perfect time of day. With the room now full of darkness, we both set our books aside. If this was a novel, this would not be “the end,” for there is no doubt in our hearts that there will be a tomorrow.