You fight the mold of everything I ought to not desire. This longing- this need- is burning up my insides. All I want is to touch you, just one little kiss, please? Perhaps it is only I who senses that this opportunity could be the sweetest mistake, if we choose to grasp it.

Grasp it. Take your strong, rough hands and pursue me. I long to feel your coarse hands all over my soft skin; over every inch of it. Memorize all there is to my body, I feel I have come to memorize yours without even touching it. I feel as though you are near me. Whenever we are in such close proximity to each other, it is hard to keep myself in control.

Just look at me. Look me in the eye so I know that you feel it too. Do you long for me? Does my presence tear at your body, driving you crazy?

Tell me it is so.
Show me it is so.