It is another late night; sleep is being stubborn, trying to stay away as far away from this body as possible. I toss and turn, all the while checking the time every five minutes. These late, sleepless nights are always the worst; I am filled with a loneliness which leaves me longing for what could be, and even worse, what has been.

I think of you and how adorable you used to look while sleeping. You would always fall asleep first, which I would be jealous of every night until we said goodbye. You always snored, which would make me giggle, but not too loud, for I didn’t want to wake you. I never blamed your snoring for my lack of sleep; instead, it gave me some sort of comfort. I would never forget that I was not alone anymore. Though asleep, you were always right there next to me.

Not anymore, though. You decided to leave this bed, this home, and this lonely girl for good. You left with no thorough explanation, leaving me to believe it must be because of what you were dreaming up every night your eyes closed. I never tried to pry my way into your head, but now I wish I had… perhaps then I would’ve been more than enough for you. It is such a shame to think such things, but with these sleepless nights, what else am I to do?

Another hour passes and I finally feel a hint of drowsiness. My eyes, finally heavy, close for the night and I dream of you; it is as though you never left. By the time I open my eyes, I am convinced you will be on the other side of the bed.

My eyes creep open, but I am still alone.