I find myself so bored with men. The same cliche lines, the same sorry faces when I ask them to leave in the morning. I used to know what I had been looking for; a good job, a good man, and perhaps a comfy bed for the nights when I’d rather get a good night’s sleep than a good roll in the sack. Now what do I want? I just want to find a man who won’t look at me with sad, puppy eyes and try to talk about his feelings. I’m not your mother and tears won’t get you very far with me.

It is funny how throughout all of my younger years, I’d only long for men who didn’t give a damn about me. They tried so hard to enjoy their sweet youth, all the while thinking that all of the nice girls, the ones they’d take home to their mothers, would wait around patiently while they slept with any woman who would take them.

I am not sure how well that works out for them. All I know is that I once had a heart so big and wanted nothing more than someone to share it with. That heart, once so large, has gotten smaller with every failed relationship. With every lie, another piece of it chipped away. Now here I stand, only using my heart to pump blood, rather than for love. A girl can only take so much and I have had my run with the boys.

Many people don’t understand why I don’t want some deep, meaningful relationship and I just stand there and wonder why they do. I will never be vulnerable again; instead, I will be unattainable. These boys who only wanted a physical connection have grown into men who want much, much more. At all of these grown up get togethers I feel so bored. When men try to get to know me through all of their dull questions, the only thing I want to ask them is, “Your place, or mine?”