I have never met you, but I can tell there is something about you that is bound to take my breath away. I already know you’re a gorgeous man and once we meet it will be hard t resist you. I’ll try to, though. I know it is ridiculous to think you know someone before ever meeting them and if I even mentioned I thought I was falling in love- oh, the looks I would get! The days keep creeping by, though, and I long for nothing more than just to see you in front of me.

Won’t you meet me for some coffee and good conversation? How about a cliche dinner and a movie? Can we pretend there isn’t a thousand miles in between us right now? Technology has made it so easy for us to connect with each other and it makes me try to wish the miles between us away. But the miles stay in the way and stand stronger than ever. I try to remain stronger than ever, but it is more difficult than I thought when all I want is to be in your arms.

Another night has come to an end so I’ll try my best to get some sleep if you try your best to be here when I wake.