“I’m ready to go home,” she whispers to herself as she stands on the ledge, facing the city she grew up so close to, yet so far from. Every time she would close her eyes all she would ever see was the woman she aspired to be. Every day was a reminder of all she would never become and she has had enough.

She is only twenty-five years young, but her soul is so tired and aged that she might as well be twenty-five years older. Always had the most potential and she had the heart to do it all, but distractions always got the best of her. All she really remembers are the days where she was just eighteen and it seems that with a blink of an eye, life just passed her by.

Now she is awake with eyes wide open, just watching all of the cars pass her by. If only one would notice her, slow down, and ask her why she is looking so lost, but she knows that in this busy city, no one really cares. So she is leaving with no goodbyes and no sorrows for the world that always turned its back on her. One more step is all she has left and once she is over the ledge, the air has never felt so good.