There is something about late night drives, especially the ones with no destination. Are you ready? I’ll be waiting outside of your house in ten. I’ve made soundtracks for our drive, the tank is full, and there is no one on the road to slow us down at this hour. The moonlight will compliment you kindly and it will be hard to keep my eyes on the road with you in the passenger seat to distract me. God, I cannot wait for you to be here to distract me.

It will be like the old days, before you left that dreadful summer for college, back when all we had were each other, the road, and the music on the radio. It is almost hard to remember those days. It is almost hard to remember anything but those days. Life always seemed to drag on from the time I would drop you off in front of your house until I came back again to pick you up. I always found it so sad that the time you enjoy the most is the time that goes by so quickly. I hope tonight won’t be so eager to get away from me.

Are you ready? I’m outside and the road is patiently waiting for us.