I am trying to resist you for as long as I can bear it. I can’t exactly wrap my mind around why, but I know it is for the best. You will only help to rot my existence and I will only help quicken your demise.


But you look so good tonight in your leather jacket and your hair slicked back. You look so dirty, but I want your hands all over me. Break me from the cleanliness my life is meant to be inspired by. No, no, no. Why can’t I resist this? You’re making this so hard by making it look so easy.

We will only do each other no good, you know this, right? You’ve got to; you just don’t care.

Baby, you don’t care about a damn thing except for what is here right now. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am so set on resisting this (and you) if I know nothing else matters and the truth is I forgot why resistance is vital.

So, fuck it, let’s make this one count.