What is there to really say about what we have done here? There just aren’t enough words in all the languages of the world that would help us come close to justifying what we have let go on. With the alcohol flowing through our veins, we let ourselves get carried away. We flew out of our bodies and out of this world and found ourselves secluded somewhere still unknown.

It is almost as though we didn’t really exist that night. We didn’t, did we? We exchanged no words because all that needed to be sad was done through looking into your deep, dark eyes and our hands tracing messages into one another’s bodies. It is as though my body were meant for yours and my skin was meant to be caressed by you, and only you. If we could’ve frozen time that night, oh, there would have been nothing I needed more.

But time was not frozen that night and once morning came I knew we would never be the same. You looked at me with your sad, dark eyes and tried to apologize for what you had done, but I knew I couldn’t put the blame on you. Perhaps in another lifetime we would’ve made things the way they should’ve been, but this time around I already belonged to someone else.

So please, say no more, because I cannot take it. That night was all we had and once it passed, so did anything I would’ve felt for you.