I really fucked up this time. I’d look for your reassurance, but I am well aware that you are long gone. Were you really asking for too much? Am I really that stubborn to not give you what you felt you needed? If only I could turn back time- just a little bit- so I could grab you by the waist and help you remember our chemistry and how perfect we are together.

I can’t fully understand how you could leave me after these two years.  Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, but that has made us even more strong. You kept telling me how you wanted more commitment and I just couldn’t understand why. I never once tried to leave you these past couple of years, doesn’t that show you that I am committed to you? That there is no other girl I’d rather be spending my nights with? You felt so confident that we needed to do more, but you’d never tell me how I could help.

It is as though you gave up on me before I had a chance to prove a damn thing to you. You didn’t get what you had hoped for, but it almost seems like this is what it was all about, my love. All I am now is a broken man, left to look for some answers from a woman who is never coming back.

We really fucked up this time.