She’s a skinny, little thing.
She’s a pretty, little thing.
Physical attraction can get you anywhere and she is on top of the world. She once had the largest aspirations, but then one summer she bloomed.

“What a pretty morning,” she whispered to the man laying next to her. He grunted something inaudible and rolled away from her. She pretended like she knew he was simply asleep and sat up to stare out of the window into the morning light. She was a skinny, pretty, little thing.

College started for her that fall. She walked a new walk and spoke with a whole new voice. She felt like a princess and she believed the men who spoke cliche drunken words to her meant at least an ounce of it. She always wondered why they’d never call again. Her messages would remain unanswered, her heart just a little more torn.

No matter how hard she tried to focus on her school work, instead of turning pages in textbooks her fingers drifted towards bottles of beer (or any other alcohol she could attain with her poorly made fake ID). Somehow she still passes with a decent grade average; most likely due to the male professors who found her to be quite the eye candy. All the old ladies didn’t care to be her mentor, for all they saw in her was a copy of all the girls they despised in their school years. She made it through her first semester, but she would not make it through the next.

Five years later, she is still stuck at the same waitressing job. She never had the urge to go back to school, she felt she could get by on tips and kisses from strange men. All of her old friends are slowly beginning to wed and she starts to wonder why she is never invited. She thinks how silly she was to once fear the thought of simply not being in the wedding party. Little does she know, although she is never invited to the weddings, she is a constant topic of conversation.

“Have you heard from Audrey? Remember her? She was a pretty, little thing,” one would say.

“Audrey? Oh, you mean that sorry girl, who went around with every boy in town? I never kept in touch with her,” would be a common response.

“Oh, wht a shame. What a shameful, little thing.” No more words would be spoken of her after that.

The clock struck twelve and Audrey waited for the next waitress to come and relieve her. An old man, a regular here, asked for another cup of coffee. He thanked her with his half-toothless smile and she returned to the front of the cafe. She would wonder of this man’s life sometimes. Is he married? Had he ever been? Perhaps she had already passed and this was their favorite spot in down. She would keep wondering about this, but never take the time to ask.

The next morning she awoke to the phone ringing loudly. It wasn’t her phone, though, it was Tyler’s. He quickly rose from the bed and went into the other room to take the call. Tyler wasn’t her boyfriend; he wasn’t even a romantic interest, really. She saw him a few times a month when another date would fall through. She was fairly certain that he had a girlfriend, but she simply didn’t care.

You see, she is no longer a naive, little girl. Instead, she is just a foolish woman now. She no longer felt like she had to be loved. Instead, she felt void and incapable of even the simplest love. Strange men, free drinks, and promiscuous sex was all she ever looked forward to now.

She was a pretty, little thing.
She was a beautiful, naive girl.
But now, all she is, is barely here at all.