Take it or leave it.

You wanted the truth and here it is, every single ounce of it, down to the last drop. I never loved you, nor could I ever. I think there was once a morning where he sunlight hit your face as you pleasantly slept and I thought to myself, “He isn’t that bad.” I preferred you when you were sleeping or out and about with friends. The time I had alone in silence in our apartment was always my favorite.

You’re a doll, you really are, hun, I just don’t have the heart to love anyone. I barely love myself and I’ve got to take care of me first. I know you love me and you’ll wait for the day that I love you too, but don’t you get it? It will never come. I am too busy with my painting, drinking, and cigarettes to have you take me out on the town. I don’t have the time to meet your family and friends or to ask about your days. I don’t have time to cuddle or kiss and the only time I ever make room for sex is when I feel I need more inspiration.

Please don’t get the wrong idea- you, yourself, aren’t the inspiration. If you weren’t there to help me, anyone else would do. It’s not about the specifics for me. The devil’s not in the details. Do you understand any of this? I don’t love you and no part of me needs you. I am not saying that you have to leave, but feel free to. No need for long, pitiful goodbyes. But if you’re still around in the morning, can you do a gal a favor and make a fresh cup of coffee?