I look around and notice all these strange faces I have never even seen before. We have spent months in such close proximity and yet I have no recollection of them even walking by. Walking outside of the lecture room, I notice the even larger ocean of strangers. People I have never seen; people I will probably never see again.

In a world of such a vast amount of people, I have never felt so alone. I fight the urge to shake the nearest stranger. “Wake up!” I want to yell. I want to reach across and tear at their soul. My existence years to be known by someone… by al of the people walking right on by.

I close my eyes and I see myself stepping out of my body, roaming around the halls. “Put your phone down, look up into my eyes, I beseech you,” I’d cry out.  Would anybody listen? I open my eyes to see that everyone is already gone. I am now as alone as I felt I was. I look at the time and hurry off to my next class, to be surrounded by another sea of empty faces.