Last year I spent my spring break in Seattle, Washington. I wasn’t working at the time so I went up there to see my family, my best friend, and a boy who I still cared dearly for. It was a good time, but nothing extraordinary because I spent a lot of time watching television. This year was definitely a step down from last, unfortunately.

Since June I have been working at a local Six Flags park and we are open everyday for two weeks. If you couldn’t guess, I had to work all week! I honestly am not complaining, though. The thought of opening and closing everyday wasn’t a very fun one at first, but it wasn’t very painful, although it was boring. It will be a very, very nice paycheck to see in the end. I am honestly surprised that the park stays open on rainy, slow days, but it does. I wonder how it makes money, but don’t question it too much because at least I am getting paid!

I got to go on one little local adventure on my one day off which was quite lovely. I thought the day wasn’t going to turn out the way I expected, but it did. Here are a few pictures, the rest are on my Flickr.

Tomorrow I will be heading back to class. Unfortunately, I haven’t studied for either class one bit, which is a dumb move on my part. This week will be another tiring one since the park is open everyday again, so I will have to work after class a few days. Wish me luck and energy!