Last Friday I wanted to head out to San Francisco to celebrate five years in remission. March 6 marked five years since my last dose of chemotherapy (yay!). I went out to the city that afternoon with my lovely cousin, Jinnel, but I think I never should’ve stepped out of my house because I had been ill already. Horrible cold with a side of lightheadedness. To make things even better, I forgot my wallet! I had been too worried about bringing my Kleenex tissues to double check and made sure that puppy was in my bag. Typical Jasmine.

When we did get into the city, my phone gave me directions to the wrong UCSF which was a bummer. After that, we both decided that this wasn’t the day for all of our adventures as we had planned. Before we went home, we decided to meet up with Pete Mar at Mel’s.

Here are a few pictures from that short, short trip.

While waiting for Pete… whistle.

Jinnel! I love her.

See, I did have a plan! Or a list of possible things. I thought we would get some done… hmph. Darn me.

Pete decided to make us look like we were fat, starving girls, by only ordering himself a milkshake.

I haven’t been to Mel’s since the night of my junior prom… it was delicious.

I’m an artist. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Alright, Jinnel is much better. She should’ve drawn a kitty though!

This evil jukebox which did not like us. Someone out Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on twice, and we wanted so badly to put it on a third time… but we had no luck. After many failed attempts, the waitress told us it was broken.

There was a frozen yogurt place a few stores down… of course we had to go.