Luckily (or to some, unfortunately) I am the kind of person who is perfectly happy with spending time staying in. I don’t feel I have to go out and do something everyday to feel that I am doing something with my life. As long as I am either with someone I enjoy spending time with, or alone and doing something I love, it is a day well spent. Here are pictures of spending evenings in with my boyfriend.

His lemony chicken is my favorite. Even if he says it is simple to make… I would love to have it everyday!

Green beans… I was so thankful we didn’t have to have corn.

Brown rice! I always imagined it not tasting good, but I was wrong.

I am going to get him

I swear, he likes me.

River, my favorite kitty, who may one day end up being catnapped.

Last, but not least, Butters!