A 15-year-old Hogan High School student who police believe shot and seriously wounded an ice cream truck driver last week was arrested Wednesday and will be charged as an adult. (Source)

I try to think back to when I was fifteen-years-old. Put aside my health problems, I was a “normal” teenager… despite how awkward I was. It just leaves me in awe to wonder how this fifteen-year-old boy could walk up to an innocent woman and shoot her point blank. In cases like this, being an optimist is not the best thing because it leaves me so sad and disappointed that people will do these things for no reason. This woman and her family don’t deserve to have to go through this… but then I don’t think anyone does.

In an odd way, I wish I could sit down with this kid and have a conversation with him. But since he did such an act, I am sure he wouldn’t be one to walk to have a conversation with a strange lady who seems to care too much about him. He is just three years older than my brother… I mean, I know my brother would never do such a thing, but what was this boy like three years ago?

All I can do is pray for this boy, to hope that he realizes what he has done and that he was wrong. I think my worst fear is that people do such crimes and not feel any remorse for it. That makes for a sad world.