I would hope that none of you can relate to this post, because it is a horrible thing to experience.


I’d love to go a week without one.. seven whole days; that would be quite amazing. I’ve always had headaches growing up, I remember being a little girl having to ask for Ibuprofen because my little head hurt. A nicer memory would be remembering my mom offering to rub my temples whenever they hurt. Unfortunately, I don’t have her here anymore offering that favor whenever a slight headache or a migraine hits.

Luckily I rarely ever feel nauseous when I have a migraine. Only once or twice, and only once did I actually vomit. That is the worst of the worst though! With my migraines I already feel miserable, but to add nausea on top of that… I had no idea it could get any worse.

Having chronic migraines definitely make me miss when I never had to drive myself anymore. When I have one and I am driving all I want to do is pull over and fall asleep. It would be nice if I had a chauffeur to drive me around during times like that. At least I always have a pair of sunglasses in my car. Nothing like a pounding head and not being able to look in the sunlight when you are driving home (it sucks how that ten minute drive can seem like an hour).

I am currently on a seizure medicine to try to prevent the migraines. I thought it had been helping for a long while, but they seem to be back, just as strong as ever. Other medications never helped much, either. Maybe it was because I never took them on time… or maybe they just weren’t the right ones. I really need to start looking into natural remedies and start living a more healthy lifestyle.

All the stress that comes into my life can make it so hard to focus on my health though… and of course the stress leads to more migraines. It is a vicious, endless cycle.

Any suggestions on what I can do to help prevent migraines?