Throughout the years I have forgotten my love for reading. It is always a lovely thing to be remembered, but I hope this time around I don’t let it slip between my fingers and get lost in the busy schedule of school (and work-whenever I do have it). I know I started to love reading when I was a child. Anyone remember those Goosebumps books? Those were always a favorites; especially the ones where you got to “choose your own path” and flip throughout the book after deciding which route you wanted to go to. Another series I adore when I was little was the Babysitter Club Little Sister books.

I know as a little girl I also loved Judy Blume and once in high school I had fallen in love with Nicholas Sparks’ books as well as Stephen King’s.

Today, I like to read inspirational books. Memoirs which have a great purpose; not really an autobiography of some celebrity I don’t really care about. I have realized how much time I spend watching things on tv and I want to direct more of that time to reading, if I’m not studying. Lately, I have been getting into certain television shows so at least it isn’t just those silly reality shows, but I try to at least read for a little bit before bed every night.

Since I have to sleep alone every night, reading is always a great companion. I have lost a lot of my imagination as I have grown up which is such a sad thing to realize, and with books and great movies I have found that maybe it isn’t lost, but just hiding. Time to bring it all back.