(At least my perfect world)

You would never dread another Monday, never think of any weekday as lesser than the weekend. There would be enough sun when you desired and the rain would come when you had nowhere to rush off to.

School is a wonderful thing. In a perfect world it you would not have to pay a dime. You wouldn’t feel pressured to spend so many years in classes towards a career which would never leave you satisfied; you could take all the classes which give you a reason to wake up in the morning. All the professors would teach you lifelong lessons, they’d be full of knowledge and wisdom and friendly enough for you to receive it from them.

In a perfect world, love wouldn’t be the hardest thing to hold on to. It wouldn’t be the easiest thing to hold on to, either, because where is the fun in that? But you could explore your youth and find our who you are, and have faith that this perfect would would eventually bring you your match. Too many of us worry about finding someone, then keeping someone, to realize we have yet to find out who we are ourselves.

(Please, go soul searching before you go off breaking your own heart)

I’m not naive enough to believe that 1) A perfect world could exist or 2) A perfect would could ever stay perfect. Sometimes it is wonderful just to day dream about such a place. Then go on living your life, head high, and knowing that you are an amazing person and can make the world an amazing place- if you dare.