Last semester I had to take a speech class. If you know me personally, you know that I can be one shy lady! I had to take the class and I was so happy that speech class I enrolled in was for Business Communication, not the class where you have to do speeches every day (whew!).

The first speech we really had to do was random, we had to choose from a few slips of paper. The one I chose was “Describe three ways to eat Oreo cookies.” We had a few minutes outside to be able to think about what we would say, which I was grateful for because I never thought of myself as a good speaker. I came up with starting it off with talking about addictions in the family. I thought it would be funny to make it sound so serious; about how people in my family have had different addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, men and women), only to leave them wondering what mine was… then to drop the ball and say it was Oreos. Which isn’t true at all. I mean, I do like Oreos, but addicted? Not at all.

What are my real addictions? I wouldn’t say I have any. Luckily I never got sucked into drugs, alcohol, or sex. I’d like to think that is because I am a strong person, but perhaps I can just resist peer pressure (I’ll stick with the first thought). What I call my addictions aren’t really my addictions, but here they are:

Panda Express’ orange chicken. I have always been a picky eater and never had a desire to eat at Panda Express. I don’t even remember what made me try my first bite… but goodness, do I love it now.
In my opinion, the best candy out there! Curt doesn’t agree… but that is alright, more for me (I really did eat the rest of the bag that I bought especially for him.. oops).
Very recently, Lost. I am just about to finish season 4… one more season to try to watch before season 6 starts. I blame this one on Curt, but boy am I grateful.
I almost forgot to put Californication in here. I watched all three seasons so fast… I am desperately awaiting a new season. Perverted television never was so good to watch (for me, at least).

Last, but not least, being in bed! Whether it be sleeping in, watching a movie, or reading, I love being comfy.