I picked this book up at a Borders near me because it was closing and everything was on sale. It was under the Humor section, and after reading Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell I realized that I enjoy myself a good humor, perverted book. This one was much more PG-13 than that one. I ended up skipping the whole “play” section because after attending so many Gambler’s Anonymous meetings with my grandmother, I don’t have any interest in gambling or reading about this guy enjoying Vegas to the fullest extent.

I enjoyed the way he looked at his life, how he spent a year off exploring and finding happiness after a bitter divorce. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all do such a thing? Oh, I just had a bad break up, let me travel to Irelant, Vegas, and then Thailand to end it all. Quite the journey, he had. I could have missed a lot by skipping one of the three sections of the book, but that is alright. I enjoyed the last third of the book the most anyway. Him and I, I think we have some of the same views on life.

“I like to keep things simple. Some people wonder how they’re supposed to make it through each day with all the misery in the world. And I’m aware that the world can be a horrible place. I have no answer for the doubters and the naysayers. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. All I know is that- yes, it’s easy to be sad. But it’s also easy to be happy.”