Hey Jasmine,
I’m writing to you in hopes that you will be able to handle everything in your future a little bit better. That you don’t have to end up depressed or despising yourself or anyone you love some day.

By now you know that your parents aren’t going to stay together forever. Everything isn’t going to be a fairytale and for many years to come so many other relationships in your life and those around you will continue to show you that, but don’t lost faith in love or life. Your parents are still full of love. They still love you entirely and they will come to love other people, other people who will end up being your step-parents who you will come to love dearly too. You never have to be jealous of those kids who had parents who stay together because you get to have two sets of parents who give you so much love.

Before you enter middle school, your dad is going to leave you for a few years. You handled this very well… but you also put up a wall and blocked him out for a while. It’s not that you didn’t love him anymore, you just didn’t show it. You didn’t know how to show it to someone through emails or the telephone. He will never forget that you love him in the years you don’t speak at all, but try to put a little more effort in it. He tells you later in life that he left because he felt you didn’t need him anymore, maybe remind him that you do need him and all of his love.

When you become a teenager, Jasmine, your relationship with your mom hangs from a string. It happens to a lot of mothers and daughters, but don’t hate her for her choices in life. She is doing the best she can, she is still trying to find herself. She has a temper, as do you, and you should try to work things out with her more. You end up leaving her later in life, which hurts her. You do come back and your relationship does get better, but it doesn’t ever erase how you two ever made each other feel.

Another thing I must warn you about is your battle with cancer. You are only going to be fifteen when it hits you. It’s a new year in high school, and you already have to leave. It’s a hard battle to fight, but you can do it. Everyone will admire you for it, but you know inside you feel weak, and unworthy of this second chance at life. Try to be more positive and realize the love around you. Try to write down your memories of this time, try to photograph every moment. Be proud of your bald head and try to walk around more. Just because you look sick doesn’t mean you have to sulk around and act like it too. In no time, it will be over, but maybe if you take on a more optimistic view of it, it won’t be a dark cloud hovering over you forever.

Last, but not least, I must tell you that growing up is stressful and it sucks. Enjoy your time being young while you can. Enjoy being carefree. Spend time playing with your toys, hugging your family, and being scared of the dark, it was nice when that was the only thing to be scared of.

You have a beautiful soul, Jasmine. Perhaps knowing all of this ahead of time wouldn’t make a difference… after all, these experiences helped make you what you are now. What I am today.