I am writing to you at two in the morning from a comfy spot in my lonesome room in California. My name is Jasmine, and this is my very first blog on Blogspot. I have had other blogs, such as a livejournal or a Tumblr, but I wanted something more personal for my thoughts, but not those everyday thoughts because I know that not everyone can find meaning in what I do on a day to day basis. I only like looking back at such blogs because it can be nice to remember moments in life and the feelings once felt.
So the ramblings begin. I am twenty-year-old girl currently attending a community college in the Napa Valley. I aspire to be a pediatric nurse, or to be more specific, I want to help children with cancer. This dream was brought on because of my experience battling cancer when I was fifteen; an experience which still inspires (and haunts) me to this day.
I enjoy coffee, sleeping in, spending time with my loved ones, reading, watching movies (and television shows which tie me down-yikes), and the beauty all around me. I have always been one to stress out and let things bring me down, but this is a new year and I truely believe that life can be simple, yet amazing. Life is what I make of it and I will make sure it is the best that it can be for me; I have never been so excited.
What I hope to accomplish in keeping up with this blog is to write about what inspires me, gives me hope, what I love, what I dislike (never hate), what I question, what I want to know more about, and so on. So bear with me as I continue to ramble on through life.